Is Medieval Dynasty on Xbox Game Pass?

Toplitz Productions GmbH

On Oct. 6, Medieval Dynasty was released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S and X. Although its console release was highly anticipated, some Xbox players may be wondering if Medieval Dynasty is on Game Pass.

First released for early access on PC in 2020, Medieval Dynasty's full release marked the completion of Toplitz Production's follow-up to Farmer's Dynasty. Similar to Toplitz's other Dynasty titles, players can complete quests, roam the vast universe, and ensure the survival of a dynasty set in medieval Europe. While its PC release was last year, its recent console release is welcome news for fans closely following its development.

Is Medieval Dynasty on Xbox Game Pass?

As well as being exclusively optimized for Xbox Series X and S, Medieval Dynasty is also available for Game Pass subscribers. One of several titles added to Game Pass in October, Medieval Dynasty had a same-day release for Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately, it is not available for PlayStation Plus users.

This isn't the end for Medieval Dynasty's progress, though, as it will soon see a co-op update in 2023 after fan suggestions. Its development team, Render's Cube, notably stated that these content updates "do not end with the option to settle and survive together", implying that more features for the game are incoming.