Is Metal: Hellsinger on the Nintendo Switch?

Photo Courtesy of Twitter

The Outsiders' newest release, Metal: Hellsinger, was released on Thursday. It is now available for PlayStation, PC, and Xbox--but is it also on Switch?

What is Metal: Hellsinger?

Metal: Hellsinger is a rhythm-based FPS game featuring a soundtrack with vocals by several critically-acclaimed metal artists such as Serj Tankian, Matt Heafy, Mikael Stanne, and many more. Its director, David Goldfarb, cited music as being "a huge part of the game experience" and that Metal: Hellsinger strives to match the energy of games like Doom with its music. Its story follows The Unknown, a humanoid demon whose goal is to travel through several domains of Hell to confront The Red Judge.

Metal: Hellsinger's gameplay focuses heavily on rhythm, with the destruction and music becoming more intense the more you match the beat and as your kill count increases.

Is Metal: Hellsinger on the Switch?

Unfortunately, Metal: Hellsinger is not available on Switch. It also is unavailable on PS4 and Xbox One, likely due to the game's performance requirements for consoles. It is playable on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and X, and PC.

How much is Metal: Hellsinger?

Metal: Hellsinger's prices start at $29.99 on Steam and $39.99 on the PlayStation and Xbox stores, and is free with an Xbox Game Pass subscription.