Is Midnight Ghost Hunt on Console?

Midnight Ghost Hunt
Midnight Ghost Hunt / Vaulted Sky Games, Coffee Stain Publishing

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a new hide and seek game created by Vaulted Sky Games, and it's in early access. You can play the early access build of the ghostly hide and seek game now on Steam.

However, will the game be coming to console as well? Here's what we know.

Is Midnight Ghost Hunt on Console?

As of writing, Midnight Ghost Hunt is not available on console. The early access build is only available on Steam for Microsoft Windows.

It's unknown if the game will come to console in the near future, considering that it is on a Microsoft Platform. If the game's early access continues to perform well, the developers at Valuted Sky Games may consider an attempt to bring the game to Xbox. However, it is too early to tell.

Currently, the game is less than two weeks into its early access so it may be a while after the game's full release that we may see Midnight Ghost Hunt on console. As of right now, matchmaking is exclusive to specific regions of players only playing on Windows.

Stay tuned to Midnight Ghost Hunt's official website for more news from the developers on the game.