Is Minecraft Dungeons Cross Platform?

Is Minecraft Dungeons Cross Platform
Is Minecraft Dungeons Cross Platform / Mojang Studios, Double Eleven

Is Minecraft Dungeons cross platform is important to know for those possibly looking to make the jump from PC to Switch or otherwise.

Cross platform play has become a critical point in gaming, recently. As more and more titles make the jump to cross-play and cross-progression, the question and audience for this service grows. Players are rapidly becoming exhausted with having to buy multiple copies of a single game or being separated from their friends on the opposite side of the console war. It's understandably disappointing and frustrating.

Has Mojang Studios or said anything about their newly released spin-off dungeon-crawler Minecraft Dungeons?

Is Minecraft Dungeons Cross Platform?

Unfortunately, no. Minecraft dungeons is not cross platform. It does not support cross platform play or cross progression. That is to say that saves made on one console will not transfer to another and players cannot connect with each other over different platforms.

There is no word on whether this plans to be implemented or when we could possibly see an announcement about it. Perhaps, if enough players asked, Mojang would have to come forward and say something about it.

Until then, the answer remains no. Minecraft Dungeons has no cross platform capabilities at this time.