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Is Monster Hunter Rise Open World?

Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay Footage
Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay Footage / Courtesy of Nintendo

Is Monster Hunter Rise open world?

For those that have never played or seen a Monster Hunter game before this is a big question especially after seeing all the hype surrounding Nintendo's latest exclusive.

Is Monster Hunter Rise Open World?

The answer to the question is, unfortunately, a no, Monster Hunter Rise like all other games in the franchise isn't open world. The game is a sandbox, so players are limited to the confines of the map neither the monster nor the players can exit the boundary. The thing that gives it the illusion of being open world is the lack of loading screens between areas which wasn't the case for any of the games before Monster Hunter World. Rise gives players a huge map filled with varying terrains, obstacles, wildlife, and items.

Although some may be disappointed to find out the game isn't an open world that shouldn't stop them from buying it. The Monster Hunter franchise is a one-of-a-kind experience and with this new release on Switch, there's no better time to start hunting than right now.