Is Multiplayer Coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Frozen's Olaf is set to arrive in February's content update.
Frozen's Olaf is set to arrive in February's content update. / Disney, Pixar, Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the latest life-sims to bring players into a magical, cozy world. At launch the game didn't feature multiplayer, but is that about to change?

Disney Dreamlight Valley drops players into the titular world of Dreamlight Valley, populated by famous Disney and Pixar characters to get acquainted with. It features non-linear, life-simulation gameplay which allows players to customize their character, craft, cook and more in a magical Disney setting.

The game is in Early Access right now, while receiving constant content updates which add in a variety of famous Disney characters and updated selections of cosmetics and items.

Disney Dreamlight Valley's next big update arrives on Thursday, Feb. 16, and it seems like developer Gameloft has a lot planned for 2023.

Is Disney Dreamlight Valley Getting Multiplayer in 2023?

Towards the end of January, Gameloft put out an early roadmap of what the content for 2023 is shaping up to be. February will see the addition of Encanto's Mirabel and Frozen's Olaf, while April will welcome the arrival of even more characters to the Valley.

But, perhaps the most exciting element to come is multiplayer — though its exact arrival doesn't have a release date just yet. In a section titled "More to come in 2023," Gameloft confirmed that multiplayer would be heading to Disney Dreamlight Valley.

There's little information on how multiplayer will work in Disney Dreamlight Valley, with the feature likely still very much in development. But, as the year goes on, more details will likely surface. One thign we do know is that the multiplayer update will be free, as will the other content updates laid out in the 2023 early roadmap.

For now, though, players can take solace knowing that multiplayer is very much on the way for Disney Dreamlight Valley.