Is MW3 Season 2 BlackCell Battle Pass Worth It?

Find out if the MW3 Season 2 BlackCell Battle Pass is worth it.
Find out if the MW3 Season 2 BlackCell Battle Pass is worth it. / Activision

As the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 season unfolds, fans are still debating if the MW3 Season 2 BlackCell is worth purchasing.

MW3 Season 2 launched with three new 6v6 maps, an additional War map, and fresh Ranked Play rewards. As players climb the ladder to Top 250, they must compete in Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, and Control under the CDL ruleset and map set, with new addition Rio added to the rotation. The major update also contained a new Battle Pass, full of free and premium rewards, including the meta BP50 Assault Rifle and RAM-9 SMG.

Fans looking for even more rewards can purchase the MW3 Season 2 BlackCell, but is it worth the high price?

MW3 Season 2 BlackCell Rewards: Full List of Items

Check out the full list of rewards included in the MW3 Season 2 BlackCell:

  • Season 2 Battle Pass and 20 Tier Skips (25 on PlayStation)
  • 1,100 bonus COD points
  • John Doe BlackCell Operator
  • Molten BlackCell Animated Weapon Blueprint
  • Lament BlackCell Animated Weapon Blueprint
  • Knuckle Sandwich Finishing Move
  • 11 Reactive Operator Skins
  • 6 Tracer Weapon Blueprints with "Gilded Ghoul" Death Effect

How Much Does MW3 Season 2 BlackCell Cost?

The MW3 Season 2 BlackCell costs $29.99. Those who purchase the BlackCell do not also have to buy the regular MW3 Season 2 Battle Pass, priced at 1,100 COD points, or $9.99.

If you already purchased the Season 2 Battle Pass and then choose to upgrade to BlackCell, you will receive your 1,100 COD points back.

Is MW3 Season 2 BlackCell Worth It?

No, the MW3 Season 2 BlackCell is not worth purchasing. Although the pass does offer unique rewards and even bonus COD points, spending $29.99 on a MW3 Battle Pass that only includes one original Operator and two new Weapon Blueprints is simply not necessary or a good value.

Instead, upgrading the base Battle Pass for 1,100 COD points gives you everything you need to thrive in MW3 and Warzone. Not only will you receive the Rick Grimes Operator as an instant reward, but you will also get back 1,400 free COD points if you complete the Battle Pass. Plus, the two new weapons in Season 2 can be unlocked for free, so there is really no need for the BlackCell.

Most consistent Call of Duty players will have enough COD Points saved over each season to just buy the basic battle pass. Unless you're very interested in any of the specific BlackCell rewards, just opt for the standard version.