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Is New World Coming to PlayStation?

Photo courtesy of Amazon Games

Is New World coming to PlayStation?

Since the successful release of New World’s closed beta on July 20, players have wondered if this already successful game will be available on a next-generation console such as PlayStation. Many similar titles have successfully created a cross-platform environment for their games, so perhaps this option would not be out of the question in the future development of New World, especially considering the large PlayStation community interested in the genre.

Amazon Games has been silent thus far about information regarding their upcoming plans for porting New World to consoles. The full release of the game is scheduled to be on Aug. 31, and exclusively on PC. More information regarding future development for the game, including the possibility of the game being released on a console such as PlayStation can be found on their website.

Is New World Coming to PlayStation?

The long-believed argument that the beautiful graphics offered by a PC MMORPG would not be sustainable on console is no longer valid when considering next-generation consoles like the PlayStation 4/5. Not only would this console be able to handle the intensity of a game like New World, but its player base has also already shown interest in titles such as The Elder Scrolls Online who would likely rapidly pick up a new title in the genre.

Unlike many of its MMORPG counterparts, New World has a unique and engaging combat system featuring a total of six available skills that would make the transition to a controller seamless. As such, the combat in this game would shine on a platform such as the PlayStation, so Amazon’s potential to release New World on one of these next-generation consoles could always be a future possibility.