Is Oranguru Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Photo Courtesy of The Pokemon Comapny.

In celebration of Sustainability Week 2022, Pokemon GO has added Oranguru to the game. Players have a chance to find it either in the wild or through a 7KM egg, alongside a variety of other Pokemon. However, the question remains: will Oranguru be shiny in its release to Pokemon GO?

Is Oranguru Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Unfortunately, only the base form Oranguru is released in Pokemon GO right now, and there is no information on when shiny Oranguru will be released into the game. However, players can currently receive a shiny Cherubi by trying to complete Timed Research events, or if they have some luck, running into one in the wild and by hatching one from a 7KM egg.

Other Pokemon players are more likely to run into during this event are Venusaur, Oddish, Turtwig, Grottle, Ferroseed, Phantump, and morel; players will also receive an increased amount of XP from the first Pokestop they spin. Most notably, however, is that on April 23, Niantic has included a Timed Research event that for every player who finishes it (at least, up to 100,000), Niantic will plant a tree to help celebrate Sustainability Week.