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Is Outriders Crossplay Fixed Yet? Latest Updates

Outriders Crossplay has been disabled since launch due to a bug
Outriders Crossplay has been disabled since launch due to a bug / Photo by Square Enix

Is Outriders crossplay fixed yet? Unfortunately not, as the new co-op third-person shooter RPG has been afflicted with a bug since launch that caused developer People Can Fly to disable the crossplay feature. Outriders was originally planned to feature crossplay between nearly all gaming platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, and Stadia.

Outriders has dealt with a number of server issues since its launch, including a bug that would tirelessly kick players from matches during crossplay. Given that Outriders was designed to be a game across all platforms simultaneously, this bug was considered game-breaking by People Can Fly. As a result, the developers have disabled crossplay matchmaking until the issue is solved.

Is Outriders Crossplay Fixed Yet?

Though Outriders' crossplay is not yet fixed, People Can Fly are hard at work on a patch to get rid of the bug. They explained that the bug causes a desynchronization between PC and console users. Due to a backend mismatch, this causes players to be kicked from matches with both PC and console players.

Despite this complication, Outriders still has some limited crossplay features. Crossplay between PlayStation and Xbox consoles is currently available, and players on PC can still enjoy crossplay between Steam and Epic. This allows each platform to maintain a stable amount of players and keeps the game playable while the developers work on a fix.

Outriders is the long-awaited third-person shooter RPG published by Square Enix, first announced in 2015. The game combines intense moments of combat with crafting and survival features found in role-playing games.

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