Is Overwatch 2 Missing Skins?


With the launch of Overwatch 2 many players have been jumping straight into the free-to-play shooter, only to discover that they're missing some skins. Here's what you need to know.

Overwatch's long-awaited, free-to-play sequel Overwatch 2 launched yesterday on Oct. 4. As expected, huge amounts of fans were eager to jump in from day one and experience the changes. Sadly, many players were hit with an array of issues. From huge queues to server disconnects, many were lucky if they even managed to squeeze in a game at all.

One surprisingly issue that players have encountered is that some skins and cosmetics they had from the original Overwatch appear to be missing in the new game. Flooding the likes of Reddit and Twitter with their woes, many battled against the server issues to discover that their faithful cosmetics are nowhere to be found. So, what's going on?

Where Are the Missing Skins in Overwatch 2?

It seems Blizzard are on the case, having added the error to their list of known issues for Overwatch 2. The post read, "We wanted to keep you updated on a list of known issues affecting the game. This is not a complete list of all currently tracked issues affecting Overwatch 2, rather this is a targeted list of some known specific issues with this release."

Known Launch Issues

  • Some players who merged their PC and console accounts are seeing an “Unexpected Server Error”
  • Some cosmetics, items, and currency that players own are not showing up in their collections
  • Some players are experiencing server disconnects

So while it may seem like your account has been wiped clean, this shouldn't actually be the case. Chalk it up to server and launch issues being rife with the game's launch. With the issue being on Blizzard's radar, a fix should be on the way and your cosmetics returned to you in due time.