Is Overwatch Down: How to Check

Overwatch servers being down can really ruin your day. Imagine waiting all afternoon, going through your real life dailies, only to find that the reward you were hoping for is completely unavailable. That would enrage just about anyone⁠—regardless of genre.

Here's how to prevent that heartbreak from happening.

Is Overwatch Down?

There's several ways to do this as several services offer to keep their eyes on games like Overwatch. One of the quickest and most reliable ways to do this is to check Twitter. Blizzard has multiple accounts to handle multiple aspects of its company, so finding the right account might be a little difficult the first time around, but the search is worth it.

Their customer service account tends to keep track of issues the best. Just be aware that this account differs from region to region. You should also have your eyes on the official Overwatch account.

As mentioned above, there are websites that track server health, as well. Finding a reputable one is always a gamble, though, so sticking to official sources is most likely your best bet.

The fan base is another way to check. If there are issues, Twitter and Reddit will most likely have at least on thread detailing it⁠—or just complaining about it.

Blizzard has always been pretty good about their server maintenance schedule. World of Warcraft often has a pop-up window next to your character highlighting the date and times they plan to go through it. Sometimes, however, unexpected outages occur, so being able to track server health is crucial to planning your play time.

If you're still having issues connecting, the Overwatch forums Technical Support board should be your next destination.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.