Is Overwatch Split Screen

Overwatch heroes awaiting deployment
Overwatch heroes awaiting deployment / Blizzard Entertainment

Is Overwatch Split Screen has been a question on the minds of some first-person shooter gamers since the title's release.

Most games in the similar style and genre to Blizzard's best-selling arena franchise have a local co-op mode where two players in the same location can play together on the same device. This is commonly known as a "split screen" and tends to be a typical addition to most multiplayer titles.

With its release to the Nintendo Switch, players have started to wonder: does this apply to Overwatch?

Is Overwatch Split Screen

Unfortunately, despite the Switch's design being more than capable of supporting a split screen situation with its two removable joy-cons, having a split screen is not currently available in Overwatch. If you'd like to play with your friends, all parties must own their own individual copy of the game before they can jump into any matches together.

This could be for a variety of reasons from the gyro-controls the Switch loves to let you use to heading-off any unfair player advantage. It would be more than game-ruining to let enemies know where a hiding Sombra is if her player's screen is visible right next to yours. Professional players would have no issue determining the opposing team's strategy if they're watching it unfold on the same monitor.

In this case it's better safe than sorry.