Is Overwatch Still Popular?

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Overwatch fans tend to speculate that the 6v6 tactical shooter is slowly dying out, and many are hoping the game's sequel will revive the series.

With the game releasing back in 2016, and now half a decade has passed since, it's no wonder that fans of the game are a little lost when it comes to the popularity of the game.

Despite large community pushback against this state, the game has a large number of players still on the game every day.

But how many people exactly are still logging in to play Overwatch? Check out the game's live player count below.

Is Overwatch Still Popular?

According to Active Player, there are currently 71,505 concurrent players on Overwatch.

The site says the number is an estimate.

Is Overwatch Still Popular?
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Their chart estimates the highest peak player count being 7,301,147 back in July of 2021.

While Overwatch 2 has been delayed many times in the past, it seems that the original game is standing the test of time.

Fans can only assume the number of players online will reach even higher with the start of the Lunar New Year in-game event.