Is Phasmophobia on Xbox Game Pass?

Image courtesy of Kinetic Games

The four-player horror co-op Phasmophobia has become a game night staple, but is it on Xbox Game Pass?

Phasmophobia sends teams of players on the hunt for supernatural happenings across plenty of haunted locations. This co-op survival horror sees players come face to face with a variety of ghosts, each with their own unique traits. Utilizing the necessary ghost hunting equipment, from EMF readers to Spirit Boxes, players need to gather as much evidence as possible in order to exorcise the paranormal beings.

The game quickly became popular with streamers, owing to its online co-op capabilities and interactivity. Needless to say, Phasmophobia has become the go-to party game for the brave and fearless.

Primarily playable on Steam, some players are wondering if the game has made its way to Xbox Game Pass.

Is Phasmophobia Available on Xbox Game Pass?

At the time of writing, Phasmophobia is not available on Xbox Game Pass. For now, the game can only be played on PC via Steam.

While plenty of popular online co-op games have found their way onto consoles, it seems Phasmophobia isn't quite there yet. The game is still in its Early Access period, with developers Kinetic Games saying that they "plan to add a lot more content" further down the line.

So far, the game has added VR functionality, supporting cross-platform play for those with and without VR.

It's unclear whether the developers plan to bring the game over to Xbox in the future. Perhaps more plans will be revealed once the game emerges from Early Access.