Is Planet Coaster on Xbox Game Pass?

Image courtesy of Frontier Developments

Want to try your hand at managing a theme park? Then you might be wondering if Planet Coaster is on Xbox Game Pass.

In what was once a vast genre, management simulation games aren't found as frequently on consoles as they once were. Even rarer is the theme park simulation game on current gen consoles. Luckily, Planet Coaster is here to fill the void. Developed by Frontier Developments, perhaps best known for its Zoo Tycoon and Jurassic World Evolution franchises, Planet Coaster gives players the chance to manage their own theme park.

Players will oversee every detail, from which park rides are built to which janitor you choose to hire. A spiritual successor to the likes of RollerCoaster Tycoon, Planet Coaster will no doubt help scratch that management simulation itch.

So, is Planet Coaster available on Xbox Game Pass?

Is Planet Coaster on Xbox Game Pass?

Currently, Planet Coaster is not on Xbox Game Pass. The game sadly left the subscription service on Nov. 15, 2021 alongside Final Fantasy VIII and Streets of Rogue.

It's unclear exactly why the game left the service but, recently, Sony announced that Planet Coaster would be one of the next free games available to PS Plus subscribers. It's worth noting that this doesn't lock the game from never returning to Game Pass, though it might be some time before it does.

Players looking to get hold of Planet Coaster on Xbox will need to purchase the game outright. Be sure to keep an eye on any upcoming sales for a chance to nab it at a discounted price.