Is Pokemon Emerald Coming to Nintendo Switch Online?

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Pokémon will be joining many other series that will have older games become available again to play on Nintendo Switch Online, as announced yesterday during the Nintendo Direct.

While Game Boy and Game Boy advance titles will all be available, it is worth noting that Game Boy Advance titles will only be playable if the players have the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, which costs around $30 more than the normal Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Fire Emblem, Metroid, Kirby, Mario and other series entries alike will be downloadable on Nintendo Switch Online, Pokémon included. However, while several titles have been released for each series, the only Pokémon title named to be available is the Pokémon Trading Card game.

Is Pokemon Emerald Coming to Nintendo Switch Online?

Similarly to many of the other older main series Pokémon games, we do not have any official confirmation that they will be returning for Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo stated that the titles announced to be coming are not the only ones that will be released, and more will actually be coming out later this year and potentially even next.

Pokémon Emerald, the third installation of the Generation III Pokémon games, alongside Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, takes place in the Hoenn region which is full of 135 Pokémon unique to that region for players to catch and train.

The Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games that were announced during the Feb. 8 Nintendo Direct are coming Feb. 2023.