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Is Pokémon GO A Rocky Road Worth it?

Image courtesy of Niantic

May Community Day is just around the corner in Pokémon GO, and with it are increased spawn rates, exclusive moves, and in-person meetups in select locations. The A Rocky Road Special Research for the Alolan Geodude Community Day will also be coming May 21.

Is it worth spending some real money to get access to this Community Day Special Research event? Here's everything you need to know.

Is Pokémon GO A Rocky Road Worth it?

Although the rewards are not yet confirmed, we can make some assumptions based on past Community Day Special Research to see if its worth it to buy the ticket. The cost of buying access to the A Rocky Road Special Research event is only $1.00, so it is very accessible for those willing to spend real money on a game like Pokémon GO.

Additionally, Niantic has added the option to buy event tickets for a friend, so if you are interested in playing in-real-life with a friend, an extra $1.00 feels very worth it to make that happen.

However, beyond the new option to buy an event ticket for a friend, there likely is little or limited difference between the Special Research tickets from past Community Days. In the past, these Special Research tickets have given players a few more opportunities and encounters to catch the Community Day Pokémon, which will be very easy to find anyway.

If you are an Alolan Geodude fan, it is probably worth it to get the ticket but otherwise you are likely better off not spending.