Is Pokemon GO Down? How to Check

Niantic, Pokémon Company

With Pokémon GO being able to keep players all around the world together, it is natural that servers may go down at some point due to the sheer amount of people it is connecting through its networks.

Players looking to open their app may be instead greeted by a message saying that Niantic is trying to resolve the issue, as opposed to the usual view upon opening the game. When this message is shown, it is usually indicative of the fact it may be down, but for confirmation, players can check two other options that we've compiled for you below.

Is Pokemon GO Down? How to Check

The last time the app was unavailable due to connectivity issues was yesterday, and the information was available through an announcement from Niantic through the Niantic Support Twitter account.

This account is the official source for information on this, and should be players first option to find out what is going on with the app, as there will be a tweet addressing the issue, and a follow-up to say the issue has been resolved, usually.

Optionally, turning on post notifications for this account can help players see if there are issues before they even go to open the app.

For a third-party website to check, players could refer to this source, DownDetector, to see how many reportages are being reported and what time they are being reported for.

Pokémon GO servers are reportedly running well for players hoping to catch some Pokémon as of the publication of this article.