Is Quake Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Photo courtesy of Bethesda Softworks

Quake is getting an enhanced re-release for PC and Xbox. But is it coming to Xbox Game Pass?

As part of QuakeCon 2021, three Quake games - Quake, Quake 2, and Quake 3 Arena - have been re-released on PC and Xbox. Quake, a first-person shooter originally released in 1996, is being fully remastered for modern consoles. This new version features enhanced visuals, 4K support, and cross-play. As it stands, Quake 2 and Quake 3 will only be available in their original form and will not be getting a remaster.

These games join an impressive line-up of Bethesda games, many of which were added to Xbox Game Pass following Bethesda's aquisition by Microsoft.

Is Quake Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Quake's remaster, along with Quake 2 and Quake 3, will be added to Xbox Game Pass. Quake 2 and Quake 3 will be available for PC, also via the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

Quake's re-release is backwards compatible with Xbox Series X|S and will also receive next-gen optimizations at a later date. The game will support local and online co-op for up to four players across the campaign, original expansions, and an additional two campaigns created by MachineGames. Players can also test their skills in Quake's arenas, supporting cross-platform, custom matches, and online matchmaking servers.

All three Quake games are available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (via backward compatibility), PC, and with Xbox Game Pass. Players who already own Quake on Steam are eligible for a free upgrade to the enhanced version.