Is Rainbow Six Extraction Crossplay?

Rainbow Six Extraction
Rainbow Six Extraction / Photo courtesy by Ubisoft

Is Rainbow Six Extraction Crossplay on PC, Xbox One/ Series X/S, PS4/PS5, and Stadia?

Rainbow Six Extraction's initial release date on Sept. 16, 2021, is an all-new standard game that is the next chapter of the Rainbow Six franchise. The game will include a co-op from 1-3 players per game, having players fight a parasitic alien race known as the Archaean.

Is Rainbow Six Extraction Crossplay?

Rainbow Six Extraction will include cross-platform features and other progressions. The game will include crossplay for:

  • PC
  • Xbox One/ Series X/S
  • PS4/PS5
  • Stadia

Other cross-platform features include cross-progress which allows saved game progression across all accounts. Cross-save, allowing players to save on different gaming devices such as cloud streaming and next-gen consoles.

Current Rainbow Six Seige players will receive a bonus reward upon the Rainbow Six Extraction release, which will include a United Front Bundle pack:

  • Two uniform sets across four different operators
  • Two weapon skins
  • Two charms
  • 18 playable extraction operators

Players who pre-order Rainbow Six Extraction will receive The Orbital Decay Bundle pack that will include:

  • Orion cosmetics for Lion and Finka
  • Vaporized weapon skin
  • Crashlander charm

For more game information on Rainbow Six Extraction, check Ubisoft for more news and operator details on the characters.