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Is Ravenlok Coming to Xbox Game Pass?


Will Ravenlok be on Xbox Game Pass?

The recently announced Ravenlok was shown at the Xbox Bethesda Game Showcase on June 12. The game is a fantasy RPG that allows players to develop their skills through skill trees and forces the player to choose which abilities best suit their playstyle. The game also features third-person arena based combat, and is beautifully designed with 3D pixel art.

The game has no official release date, but was announced to be coming sometime in 2023. Ravenlok comes from the developer Cococumber, the minds behind Echo Generation. Ravenlok will also be the conclusion to the Voxel trilogy.

Is Ravenlok Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Even with no official release date, Xbox did still confirm that Ravenlok will be available Day 1 on the Xbox Game Pass. This comes as no surprise as other new indie games such as Cocoon andEreban: Shadow Legacy are also making a day one debut on the Xbox Game Pass.

With a massive lineup of indie games being announced, hopefully making them free to access on the Xbox Game Pass can give these lesser-known titles and developers some exposure to fans who are unfamiliar to the indie game genre.