Is Rebirth Coming to Warzone 2 in 2023?

Rebirth could return to Warzone 2.0 on Feb. 15.
Rebirth could return to Warzone 2.0 on Feb. 15. / Activision

Rebirth could be coming back to Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 with the Season 2 update.

Big changes are coming to Warzone 2 with the new season. Fans can expect the return of the 1v1 gulag, an easier looting system, and more lootable cash across Al Mazrah.

Activision also announced the return of Resurgence mode. Fans were displeased when Rebirth, along with Fortune's Keep, were removed from Warzone Caldera and then not included in Warzone 2. Thankfully, the fan-favorite mode will be making a return.

Is Rebirth Coming to Warzone 2 in 2023?

Players can expect the return of Resurgence on Feb. 15, along with a new, smaller map for Warzone 2. Although there is no confirmation yet of any other maps available in the mode, fans eager for faster, more chaotic gameplay will enjoy the update.

As opposed to the regular Battle Royale mode, Resurgence allows fallen players to respawn and rejoin their teammates in the match, as long as a teammate is alive for 20 seconds after their death. The smaller lobbies and compact maps inspire action-packed gameplay.

If Rebirth does not make its return with the Season 2 update, players will have to wait for the release of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile to play the beloved map. According to recent leaks, Warzone Mobile will feature Rebirth Island. Although there is no current release date for Warzone Mobile in the United States, fans can expect the game later this year.