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Is Returnal Getting a PC Port?


PC players are eagerly waiting to see if Returnal is the next PlayStation game to get the PC port treatment. Here's what we know so far.

Sony has been gradually offering up some of its first-party titles to PC players, though often a few years after their official release. Games like Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War all saw PC ports emerge eventually, though some of Sony's newer titles still seem to be up in the air.

Returnal, Housemarque's 2021 action roguelike released exclusively for the PlayStation 5, follows the story of Selene Vassos, a space pilot stranded on an alien world and stuck in a time loop. The game's narrative lends itself to the roguelike genre, though its difficulty has been a divisive point amongst players. Needless to say, it peaked the interest of more than a few PC players.

Will Returnal Come to PC?

While Sony or Housemarque have yet to officially confirm a PC port for Returnal, a recent Steam database update pretty much confirmed its existence.

First spotted by a user on ResetEra, a title called Oregon has appeared within the database files — widely believed to be in reference to Returnal. The word Returnal then appears within Oregon's file system. essentially confirming the reference to be true.

While Sony hasn't announce anything yet, this database listing could mean that a Returnal PC port reveal could be on the way very soon.