Is Rick Grimes Coming to Fortnite?

"You don't know what it's like out there. You may think you do but you don't."
"You don't know what it's like out there. You may think you do but you don't." / Image courtesy of Epic Games

As part of this year's Halloween offerings, it seems The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes could be a new skin coming to Fortnite.

A new Fortnite crossover with AMC's The Walking Dead could be hitting the game soon, thanks to hints dropped by the latest Halloween teaser. With Fortnitemares kicking off this week, a new skin will be revealed through fortune cards. The back of each card hints at which Halloween outfit will be heading to the item shop. One such card is decorated with a sheriff's hat, an icon most tied to The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes.

So far, Fortnitemares has revealed a classic Frankenstein's Monster skin and the Curdle Scream Leader, a new addition to the “Team Leader” line-up. With two more cards set to be flipped over this week, fans are highly anticipating the possible addition of Rick Grimes.

Is Rick Grimes Coming to Fortnite?

While we won't know for certain until the fortunte card has been flipped over, all signs are definitely pointing to Rick Grimes coming to Fortnite. This wouldn't be the first time that Fortnite has had a crossover with The Walking Dead. Last year, fellow survivors Daryl Dixon and Michonne were added to the game, bringing their zombie slaying prowess to the battlefield.

Many fans believed that either Rick or the deadly Negan would be the next addition, should there be another Walking Dead crossover. Who better to start dispatching Cube Monsters than the iconic sheriff. Perhaps, Daryl and Michonne will make a reappearance in the item store in the near future. Grab those skins, get a squad together, and you'll have a winning survival team on your hands.