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Is Ring of Pain Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Image courtesy of Simon Boxer/Twice Different

Ring of Pain is a unique card crawler experience, but is it coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Ring of Pain, a roguelike card crawler game from Simon Boxer and Twice Different, sees players delving into dungeons and being delt cards in order to navigate the threats within. The game lends itself to replayability, using death as a learning tool. With each failure, players will feel themselves to be better equipped for the next playthrough.

Players will start off in a nest, occupied by a strange bird called Owl. This creature will be your guide as you begin to learn the mysterious happenings in this treacherous world. Strategy and puzzle solving will be the key to success with this card dungeon crawler.

Is Ring of Pain Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Fortunately for Xbox Game Pass fans, Ring of Pain will be coming to the service on Oct. 14. As part of the new additions for October, Ring of Pain will be accompanying the likes of Visage and Back 4 Blood which will be hitting the service on Oct. 7 and Oct. 12, respectively.

Ring of Pain was initially released on PC, downloadable via Steam and the Humble Store. The game is also available on Nintendo Switch, but now for the first time will be available to Xbox users. So, if you're an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, be sure to give it a try.