Is Roller Champions on Switch?

Courtesy of Ubisoft

Since its release, fans have been wondering if Roller Champions is on Nintendo Switch. Roller Champions is currently available on Nintendo Switch, as well as PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Roller Champions is a new free-to-play game by Ubisoft that focuses on 3-v-3 competitive gameplay. Teams race around a roller ring to score points by lapping the track and putting the ball in the hoop. Teams have to do all this while avoiding their hard-hitting opponents trying to claim the ball for themselves.

Is Roller Champions on Switch?

With its release on Switch, players can now bring their progress with them from other platforms once they link their Ubisoft account to both platforms. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to group up with players on other platforms.

Roller Champions was released on Switch on June 21, about a month after its original release. Alongside its release on Switch, Roller Champions is scheduled to release on the Epic Game Store, though an official listing for Roller Champions is still not available on the Epic Game Store. Ubisoft will be hoping that the introduction of two new platforms brings a surge of new players into its free-to-play game. If you've been waiting for a Nintendo Switch release to get started with Roller Champions, there's no better time to get into the action.