Is Rumbleverse Cross-Platform?

Photo Courtesy of Iron Galaxy
Photo Courtesy of Iron Galaxy / Photo Courtesy of Iron Galaxy

Rumbleverse launched on Aug. 11, 2022, and since then, players have been having a lot of fun in Epic Games' next big game. Rumbleverse is available on many different platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and PC from the Epic Games store.

Rumbleverse gives players the ability to fight and gain fame in Grapital City. Season 1 of the game is taking place right now, players can collect many cool characters and gear by playing. The game gives you the ability to play with friends, no matter what platform you are on.

Is Rumbleverse Cross-Platform?

Gamers can play Rumbleverse on separate platforms together as long as they are friends on Epic Games. All someone needs to do is go into the Epic Games Launcher on Rumbleverse and add the person you want to play with as a friend by looking up their profile. Once friended, they should appear in the launcher and you should be able to play together no matter the platform.

Players can be added using their Epic display name or Epic email address. Friend requests need to be accepted before playing together. Check out the trailer for Rumbleverse below:

Playing with friends is the best way to travel around Grapital City. Leveling up should take less time while playing with friends as you can work together on quests and daily challenges. Plus dropping into fights as a team make for more fun.

Rumbleverse held a cross-platform test back in June ahead of the game launch and the test helped prepare the game for launch meaning there shouldn't be too many bugs or glitches while playing across platform now.

Rumbleverse has a free battle pass available to every player who plays in season one. There are a lot of accessories and emotes available to add more personality in game. There are also a few other tiers to the Battle Pass for those looking to spend some money on the game.