Is Scorn on Nintendo Switch?

Ebb Software

Scorn, Ebb Software's new first-person atmospheric horror game, is finally here. But is it on Nintendo Switch?

In Scorn, players are alone and lost in an unknown universe. Gameplay involves traversing complex mazes and puzzles to discover the secrets of its world. Survival also plays a significant role, as resources are limited and the environment is both strange and unforgiving.

Its art and tapestries also bring an unnerving feel to the setting. Much of its universe was extensively designed with the works of artists such as H.P. Lovecraft, H.R. Giger, and David Lynch in mind, and an additional part of its release is an art book containing research, sketches, and initial designs.

Is Scorn on Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, Scorn isn't available on Nintendo Switch. While it saw an exclusive Xbox Series S and X release and is available on Steam, potential players are limited to those two platforms.

It's also unavailable on PlayStation, and as Ebb Software has partnered with Microsoft for its Xbox release, it is unlikely that it will see releases on other platforms anytime soon. In a blog post on Steam, developers of Scorn mentioned that partnership with Microsoft will "make Scorn a better, polished game," and that it will also see much more exposure in this regard.