Is Scorn Xbox Exclusive?

Ebb Software

Spooky season is upon us and gamers looking for a haunting thrill in Scorn might be wondering whether this new title is an Xbox exclusive.

Ebb Software's grotesque horror game, Scorn, has finally been released after having been originally announced back in 2014. Fans of a good fright fest can experience the nightmarish universe of Scorn in which players explore various unsettling environments filled with terrifying inhabitants. A limited amount of resources will be available for players creating an even more frantic experience in which players need to decide what the best path to survival is.

Is Scorn Xbox Exclusive?

Those curious to embark on Scorn's terrifying journey will need to have an Xbox platform in hand, as it is indeed an Xbox-exclusive title. Ebb Software's latest title is available on Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC and on Game Pass for players to enjoy. There has been no confirmation of Scorn being a timed exclusive for Xbox, so gamers on other platforms will have to wait and see if they can experience this title.

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