Is Sea of Stars on PlayStation Plus?

Sea of Stars will arrive on August 29.
Sea of Stars will arrive on August 29. / Sabotage Studios

The summer of 2023 is filled with fantastic game releases from indie developers, including Tiny Thor, OXENFREE 2, and Paper Trail. Sabotage Studio's turn-based game, Sea of Stars, is one of the titles to look forward to. It's set in a fantasy world inspired by the golden age of JRPGs. The developer said many games, like Super Mario RPG, Illusion of Gaia, and Chrono Trigger, encouraged them to create Sea of Stars.

In this breathtaking adventure, you play as one of six characters, each with unique backstories and abilities. The engaging combat system includes timed hits, combo attacks, boosting, and more. If you need a break from fighting, you can sail a boat, cook, fish, and play tabletop games during your journey.

These features sound great, but many players wonder if Sea of Stars will be on PlayStation Plus.

Is Sea of Stars on PlayStation Plus?

According to Sabotage Studio's Level Designer, Philippe Dionne, Sea of Stars will be on PlayStation Plus on launch day, August 29. You may also buy it on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. 

PlayStation Plus is a monthly subscription by Sony. With it, gamers can play online multiplayer games on PlayStation. Subscribers can also save their game progress online via cloud storage, get free titles, and access exclusive discounts. 

There are three options for PlayStation Plus memberships: Essential, Extra, and Premium. The cheapest subscription starts at $9.99 per month, so it's best for those on a tight budget who also want the PlayStation Plus basics. You can compare all subscriptions on the official PlayStation Plus page.

If you're unsure if Sea of Stars is your taste, try the demo on any platform. It doesn't spoil any part of the plot but gives players a good idea of what to expect in combat. The demo may not be exactly like the finished product, but it's close to the developer's goal.