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Is Shiny Ledyba in Pokemon GO?

Ledyba pictured here with its next evolution Ledian
Ledyba pictured here with its next evolution Ledian / Image Courtesy of Pokemon.com

Pokémon Go trainers are astir with the possibility of capturing a Shiny Ledyba.

Ledyba is Bug and Flying-type Pokemon with the likeness of a ladybug. Gamers that don't know what that looks like, are encouraged to head outside and touch some grass.

For Pokemon Goers, lack of grass is likely not an issue. According to the official Pokedex entry for Ledyba, the Pokemon is "very sensitive to cold," so it would make sense that Ledyba would be found in high numbers during the summer.

Is Shiny Ledyba in Pokemon Go?

A recent article written by NerdStash's Arthur Novichenko places the probability of capturing a Shiny Ledyba at around 1 in 500. But that chance might have improved recently.

A number of social media users like @070guy have reported capturing Shiny Ledyba's in the past few days. The high frequency of Shinies is likely part of a promotion having to do with the 6th anniversary of Pokemon GO.

Hard to fathom that it has been 6 whole years since that memorable summer.