Is Stray on PS Plus?

Courtesy of BlueTwelve Studio

With the release of the new PlayStation console exclusive Stray, players are wondering if they'll be able to play it on PS Plus.

Since its release date was announced at the most recent PlayStation State of Play, Stray has captivated many players with its beautiful design and simple, yet endearing gameplay. Stray sees you take control of a stray cat as it attempts to find its way back home. Players solve puzzles and move across platforms in a futuristic cityscape while avoiding enemies.

Is Stray on PS Plus?

Stray is currently available on PS Plus, but it is not on every version of PS Plus. PS Plus contains three tiers: Essential, Extra, and Premium. The main benefit of being part of the Extra and Premium tiers is that you receive access to hundreds of PlayStation games across the lifespan of multiple consoles.

Stray can only currently be found on PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium, available to play at no extra cost.

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