Is Stray on Steam?

Courtesy of BlueTwelve Studio

With the release of the new indie title Stray, players are wondering if they can play it on Steam.

Since being re-announced after a long hiatus at the most recent PlayStation State of Play, Stray revolves around the life of a stray cat as it attempts to find its way home. Players navigate through winding alleys in a beautiful cityscape while solving puzzles and jumping across platforms. The game also has various stealth sections where players have to avoid the futuristic robot inhabitants of the city.

Is Stray on Steam?

Stray is available to play on Steam having officially released on July 19. Despite Stray being a PlayStation exclusive on console, that hasn't stopped the game from releasing on PC, which has become a trend across titles from both PlayStation and Microsoft. Stray is only available on PC through Steam, which means other PC distributors such as the Epic Game Store and GOG will not be selling Stray.

Stray is also currently discounted on Steam, only costing $26.99 instead of the usual $29.99. This discount is only available on Steam, so PlayStation players will have to pay full price for Stray unless they have PlayStation Plus Extra or PlayStation Plus Premium.

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