Is Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Xbox Game Pass?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now available.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now available. / Sumo Digital

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, a third-person asymmetrical game, is finally here. It's based on the popular 1974 horror film, where a cannibalistic family preys on a group of friends while they visit an old farmhouse.

You can choose to be Leatherface or any other member of the Family and go on a killing spree. If murder isn't up your alley, play as a Victim and try to escape by finding tools, hiding, and fighting back if necessary.  

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is available on PC (via Steam and Windows), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S for $40.00. Players are wondering if the horror game is on Xbox Game Pass.

Is Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is included with Xbox Game Pass

The subscription starts at only $10.99 a month for the Console version. 

It includes:

  • Access to over 100 console games
  • Frequent game additions
  • Access to Xbox Game Studios titles upon release
  • Member discounts

There's a special deal going on for the Ultimate version of Xbox Game Pass. It costs $1 for two weeks, and then it'll be $16.99 a month. 

If you upgrade to this version, you get all of the above and:

  • Free perks (in-game content, partner offers, etc.)
  • Access to games on your mobile devices from the cloud
  • Xbox Live Gold goodies (Deals with Gold, Games with Gold, and console multiplayer)
  • Access to the most popular Electronic Arts games, rewards, and member-exclusive content.

Is Texas Chainsaw Massacre Crossplay?

It's on crossplay, but all platforms aren't compatible with each other. This chart from the official game website specifies which platforms match up with which.

Crossplay Chart
Crossplay Chart / Sumo Digital, Gun Interactive

Sumo Digital and Gun Interactive also specified the following key points:

  • PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S (ninth generation) are compatible with each other.
  • Xbox One is only compatible with Xbox One (eighth generation Xbox.)
  • PlayStation 4 is only compatible with PlayStation 4 (eighth generation PlayStation.) 

It may be best to get The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on PC for Xbox One and PS4 owners who have one.