Is The Callisto Protocol a Sequel to Dead Space?

Striking Distance Studios, screenshot by DBLTAP

The Callisto Protocol, Striking Distance Studios' new survival horror game, bears an unmistakable resemblance to Dead Space. As the game's release date quickly approaches, potential players are wondering if there is a connection between the two titles.

The game, which will release on Dec. 2, has drawn attention from fans of Dead Space, which has a remake scheduled for release in Jan. 2023. Both games are survival horror adventures which focus on sci-fi universes with action-packed and gory combat. The Callisto Protocol's story, however, while notably distinctive, has caused some discussion on the extent of which it is linked, if at all, to Dead Space.

Is The Callisto Protocol a Sequel to Dead Space?

While the games are similar in premise, gameplay, and visuals, The Callisto Protocol is a narrative experience that is completely unrelated to Dead Space.

Unsurprisingly, though, The Callisto Protocol's Game Director, Glen Schofield, also worked as an original creator of Dead Space. In an interview with GameSpot, Schofield remarked that although the games "share creative DNA", the time in between Dead Space and The Callisto Protocol's release is one in which technology and Schofield's creative capabilities have greatly expanded. As a result, Schofield states that his development team was "able to do things in The Callisto Protocol that [they] only dreamed about back on Dead Space".

Survival horror fans will be impressed nonetheless on the newfound capabilities of each experience. The Callisto Protocol and the Dead Space Remake are both available for preorder on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.