Is the DMR Getting Nerf in Warzone Soon?

How well should the DMR 14 perform after a nerf?
How well should the DMR 14 perform after a nerf? / Photo courtesy of Activision

Perhaps throwing the Call of Duty: Warzone meta out of balance to a degree that the Grau 5.56 and the Bruen MK9 never could, the DMR 14 has completely taken over as the king of Verdansk.

At the start of Season One, not many predicted that the semi-automatic tactical rifles would be the best of the 1980s Black Ops Cold War weapons to use in Warzone. From underrated to overused, however, the roars from the CoD community asking for a DMR 14 nerf have been loud and clear during the holiday season. Fans should expect to see such moves from the game's developers this month.

Is the DMR Getting Nerf in Warzone Soon?

As it stands, the DMR 14 checks all the boxes for a terrific Warzone gun and then some with its near-instantaneous TTK, minuscule recoil despite its high fire rate and bullet velocity, and tremendous range.

Considering how Infinity Ward and Raven Software have dealt with similarly strong weapons in the past, it feels as though a DMR 14 nerf has to be in the works.

After the devs return from their holiday break, it's not hard to imagine what a DMR 14 nerf could look like in the coming weeks.

Typically, major Warzone patches tend to drop on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, so on or around Jan. 5 or Jan. 12 could be the earliest target dates for the next weapon balancing patch.

The next question to ask is how severe should a nerf be for the DMR 14?

"Semi-auto tactical rifle," the weapon's description reads. "Increased fire rate with minimal recoil. Maintains reliable damage over longer range encounters."

Judging by this brief illustration for what the devs originally envisioned for the gun, it's logical that they never intended for it to perform as strong as it has.

To reel back the DMR 14 closer to the role that the devs presumably wanted the gun to play originally—an accurate, semi-auto option with high fire rate and low recoil at medium-to-long ranges—the most glaring change would have to be in the base damage category.

While having high fire rate and low recoil in a semi-auto gun is a strong combination to have already, combining that with unreal base damage pushes it towards best weapon in the game territory.