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Is the New Saints Row Multiplayer?

Image courtesy of Deep Silver

Will the Saints Row reboot include multiplayer?

The iconic Saints Row series is getting a reboot that will release on Aug. 23, almost seven years since the last installment. Saints Row borrows elements from Grand Theft Auto, however, the franchise has carved out its own reputation for over-the-top, bombastic action and wacky humor. Past installments have seen players become the president of the United States, fight aliens, and wield superpowers.

The reboot however will look to do more than just update the game. The new Saints Row will almost be a complete departure from past games in the series. Unlimited customization, fast travel, and criminal ventures look to update the quality of gameplay and add new experiences. One feature that fans have been calling for is multiplayer. Here's the scoop on if it'll be in the upcoming installment.

Is the New Saints Row Multiplayer?

Fans rejoice as Saints Row will indeed have multiplayer. The upcoming reboot will allow players to drop in and out seamlessly right from the start of the game.

To further sweeten the deal, players will be able to keep their customized characters and have cross progression when playing multiplayer. When playing multiplayer, players will also have the freedom to explore and go on their own adventures without their partner if they choose to do so. The only tether players will have is when beginning missions, you'll automatically teleport to your partner.

With the game less than a week away, Saints Row fans won't have to wait long to experience the next chapter in the series with their friends.