Is the Valorant Night Market Coming Soon?

Photo via Valorant / Riot Games

Players are speculating that Valorant's Night Market will return to the game within the next few weeks.

"Night Market seems to be heading back soon," wrote Mike from ValorLeaks, a Valorant Leaks Twitter account.

The account found assets related to the newest Night Market in-game (see below), which has been exciting players.

Is the Valorant Night Market Coming Soon?

Leakers have found credible evidence that says the Valorant Night Market 2022 is coming very soon.

Assets found within the game show that the Valorant team already has graphics ready for the upcoming Night Market sale.

"Not official art, I made this using the files in game. As you can see graphic design is not my passion," wrote the ValorLeaks Twitter account, "Otherwise it seems to be themed around Chinese New Year as this year is the Year of the Tiger."

While there's not official news on the release of 2022's Q1 Night Market, many are speculating it will take place around Feb. 1.

For those who are looking for an official announcement related to the Night Market, there currently isn't one.

Valorant has not announced when the next Night Market will take place, so make sure to keep an eye out on their official Twitter account for game related news.