Is There a Fortnite Holiday 2021 Event?

Image courtesy of Epic Games

With festivities well underway, many players might be asking: "is there a Fortnite holiday 2021 event coming soon?"

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 is in full swing. Players have been treated to some a whole new map, some new weapons, and some cool POIs to explore in full. Fans logging into the Battle Royale recently may have noticed a few themed decorations cropping up all over. Lights have appeared on trees, presents have been scattered through houses, and Christmas Tress have been set up in bizarre places.

As we creep up on the holidays, loads of popular online games have been hosting their own festive events. So what about Fortnite?

Is There a Fortnite Holiday 2021 Event?

Yes, Fortnite will be having a holiday event for 2021. So far, Epic Games has teased the arrival of Winterfest but has yet to reveal any concrete details.

Last year, players were treated to an array of presents over 14 days, which players could unlock by visiting the Winterfest Cabin via the Lobby Screen. According to leaks, this year is set to be very similar. A number of cosmetics will be up for grabs including emotes, skins, and weapon wraps.

It also seems that players will be able to earn some free skins by playing through the Winterfest challenges, though these have yet to be confirmed by Epic Games.

At the time of writing no start date has been confirmed, but fans can expect it to start rolling around very soon.