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Is There a League of Legends Holiday 2021 Event?

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Is there a League of Legends Holiday 2021 event? For now, Riot Games has not mentioned any holiday events for this year but have previously added holiday events to the game.

In 2014, League of Legends' longest-running event was Snowdown Showdown which stayed in the game for about a month. However, Riot has not brought it back since 2018.

Snowdown Showdown gave players a chance to obtain new holiday-themed icons and emotes, as well as winter-themed legacy skins. During this event, the Winter Rift would make an appearance. This was a snowed-out version of the rift with minions costumed in elf hats and reindeer antlers.

In 2019, Riot did not bring back Snowdown Showdown and created a different event known as Sugar Rush. However, League of Legends did not bring back the Winter Rift and released elf and candy- themed icons and skins for the event instead.

Is There a League of Legends Holiday 2021 Event?

Last year, Riot was quiet about a holiday event. They announced a few months earlier that they had no plans in bringing back the Winter Rift, as the snow-filled arena design did not make any logical sense. As a result of major issue surrounding the technicality of the Summoner's Rift map along with the COVID-19 pandemic, Riot did not release a 2020 holiday event.

For 2021, it is uncertain whether there will be a holiday event in League of Legends. This has been a busy year for Riot Games with the new release of their Netflix show, Arcane, along with the game growing tremendously in popularity.

However, An event that players can look out for is the Poro King game mode. A game mode that takes place in the Howling Abyss, teams fight and throw snowballs at each other in order to win over the Poro King. By feeding the Poro King different poro snax, the King will unleash an ability that gives the team an advantage.