Is There a Moroccan Manager in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team fans know how valuable managers are to getting the most amount of chemistry points possible when squad building.

Team of the Year is here and with it comes 12 special TOTY items and 12 Honorable Mentions players. One of the most popular TOTY items this year is Achraf Hakimi. The PSG defender received a TOTY item for the second year in a row at 94 overall. Squad and player chemistry received and overhaul in FIFA 23 removing the formation links in favor of a diamond points system. Players in the squad link to other players no matter the position as long as they share a club, league or nationality link.

Nationality is the easiest chemistry point to gain considering you only need either two players from the same nation in a squad, or one player and a corresponding manager. FUT players might be looking for a Moroccan manager to get TOTY Hakimi one chemistry point to ease squad building requirements.

Is There a Moroccan Manager in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

Unfortunately, there are no Moroccan managers in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Players will have to use other Moroccan players in their squads to get chemistry that way.

Getting TOTY Hakimi, or other versions of his item, on full chemistry is difficult for players who don't have any other Moroccans in their squads. Other Paris Saint-Germain players like Kylian Mbappe, Flashback Sergio Ramos, Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr. are helpful, but carry a heavy price tag. The most efficient way to get Hakimi on full chemistry is to have four Ligue 1 players, one of which is also a PSG player, and then a Ligue 1 manager. Players can also opt to have four PSG players and one Ligue 1 manager, but that might limit players' options when completing their squads.

TOTY items already have massive upgrades, and players can opt to use them on less chemistry. Though, most players probably want the the maximum amount of statistics on every card in their squads.