Is There a Physical Inscryption Card Game?

Many Inscryption fans want to see the game translated into a physical game.
Many Inscryption fans want to see the game translated into a physical game. / Photo courtesy of Daniel Mullins Games

Inscryption is a 2021 deckbuilding game by Daniel Mullins and published by Devolver Digital. It has amassed a large following over the past months, with many players downloading the game on Steam. Inscryption is also coming to Playstation in August, according to Devolver.

Many fans of the game have asked if the game will ever become a physical card game that can be played off-screen. Here's what we know about a future Inscryption physical card game.

Is There a Physical Inscryption Card Game?

Developers have yet to reveal a physical version of the online Inscryption card game. However, some creative fans are making their own physical versions of the cards in the game. With the blessing of game creator Daniel Mullins, Kevin McKayven and his brother have hosted live Inscryption games at Love Burn, using mock ups of the digital cards and various props.

In an interview with The Verge, McKayven revealed that to re-create Inscryption’s cards, McKayven extracted files right from the Inscryption game. His brother made masks to replicate the ones Leshy wears in the game, but they didn’t work out.

After many trials and errors, the real-world version of Inscryption by McKayven became a popular success, with the core game being replicated along with slight changes to make the game work better in a real-world setting. For example, one change included tweaking a mechanic in the video game where you sacrifice a card to take an aspect of it (a sigil) and apply it to another card. While that happens on an altar in the video game, for the physical game, McKayven and his brother instead had players physically shred the cards they were sacrificing in a paper shredder.

Changes like these have made the real-world game compete with the digital version that inspired it. While Daniel Mullins and Devolver haven't announced an official physical version of Inscryption, the cosign of real-world versions and card designs by Mullins has kept hope alive for a physical version somewhere down the line.