Is There a Pokémon GO Holiday 2021 Event?

Photo via PokemonGoApp

With the middle of December comes even more announcements for in-game holiday events. The team behind Pokémon GO has announced this year's long-anticipated event.

The event itself will be split up into two parts, according to the team, and will include a multitude of new things to do.

It begins Dec. 16 and ends Dec. 31, just in time for the new year.

Is There a Pokémon GO Holiday 2021 Event?

According to an official blog post made on the Pokemon GO website, the Holiday 2021 event for the app will begin Thursday, Dec. 16.

The first part of the event will last until Dec. 23, and then the second leg of the Holiday 2021 event begins and will last until Dec. 31.

Throughout the event, trainers can experience bonuses through gifts every day, new reward boxes in the shop, and festive avatar items up for grabs starting today.

Part one of the event will include season-specific Pokémon out in the wild, as well as festive raid bosses, and field research tasks.

On the other hand, part two of the event will have totally different Pokémon to catch and different events, so be sure to keep an eye out on the game as the days of December pass.