Is There a Shiny Furfrou in Pokemon GO?

Shiny Pokemon are always a special sight for players, and many love to find these alternate-colored forms of their favorite monsters. However, not every Pokemon in the game can be shiny, and it’s usually reserved for fan-favorites or Pokemon featured in events. Furfrou’s recent addition was that on an event, so is there a shiny Furfrou in Pokemon GO?

Furfrou was introduced in Pokemon X and Y, and comes with different variants the player can pick and choose from. However, its shiny variant has always been a rare find. With Furfrou being the main addition in 2021’s Fashion Week in Pokemon GO, could it have a shiny form?

Is There a Shiny Furfrou in Pokemon GO?

Despite Furfrou being a recent addition into Pokemon GO, its shiny variant is nowhere to be seen. Shiny Furfrou is not available to acquire in the game, by any means. Perhaps Furfrou will receive its shiny form in a future event, but for now, shiny Furfrou is not in the game.

If a shiny Furfrou was in Pokemon GO, players would be able to find it through the usual indications. First off, this shiny rocks a black color scheme, which contrasts its usual white fur. Second, the sparkles will appear prior to allowing the player to throw a ball. Finally, a little shiny symbol will appear next to its name. 

Furfrou is available to capture in Pokemon GO.