Is There Aim Assist in Apex Legends?

Is there an aim assist feature in Apex Legends? Aim assist is one of the most helpful tools you could pick up. Whether you're a new player trying to game for the first time or simply a veteran switching consoles trying to find the right sensitivity, there's no doubt you can make use of this tool.

Here's everything you need to know about aim assist in Apex Legends.

Is There Aim Assist in Apex Legends

The answer is yes. Apex Legends does come with a built in aim assist feature to help you secure those shots. However, this feature only exists for consoles. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players are the sole bearers of this tool.

We suspect this could be due to the fact that aiming is historically easier on a PC with a keyboard and mouse. Console controllers have a harder time aiming and shooting over PC players who can simply point and click where they want to fire. We assume the feature was developed and released this way to combat the difference in accuracy and sensitivity during the game.

The only truly strange thing about Apex Legend's aim assist feature is the fact that it can't be toggled off and on. The feature is permanent. Even if you feel like your accuracy is just fine without having the game hold your hand—you're stuck with it. No going back unless you'd like to abandon your console for a PC.

Of course, there certainly are worse features to be cursed with. Right?

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.