Is There Going to be a The Finals Open Beta?


The Finals, developed by veteran Battlefield devs Embark, is shaping up to be an explosive new multiplayer shooter. It's holding a Closed Beta test right now, and, judging by the number of users on the game's official Discord begging for keys, there isn't enough room to accommodate all the hype, leaving some hoping for an Open Beta test everyone will be able to access.

The Finals takes place in virtual game show arenas, where four teams of three players compete to earn cash by eliminating enemies and capturing boxes, which can be deposited in designated points
to earn a big payout. Embark's core development team used to work on EA's military shooter Battlefield, and they have brought their talents to this new game. Nearly everything in the environment can be destroyed, from walls and doors to entire buildings and bridges.

The game features three character classes, each with different weapons, gadgets, abilities and stats.

Is There Going to be a The Finals Open Beta?

Embark has not announced an Open Beta for The Finals. While the game is slated for a full release this year, further tests have not yet been announced, with the developers addressing issues with the current test first. While this may come as a disappointment to players who haven't gotten into the Closed Beta, it's still running for almost two weeks and more keys are yet to be distributed.