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Is Tower of Fantasy a Gacha Game?

Image courtesy of Hotta Studio

With Tower of Fantasy gaining a lot of attention, many might be wondering if it's a gacha game.

Tower of Fantasy is a new anime-style, open world MMO, drawing comparisons to the likes of Genshin Impact. Set in a sci-fi world, Tower of Fantasy drops players into a time where resources have dwindled on Earth leading many to migrate to the world of Aida. Players can explore the world with a host of characters, and also play alongside friends.

But those just stumbling across the game might be a bit unsure about exactly what sort of game it is. Given its similarities to Genshin, it's led many players to wonder if Tower of Fantasy is a gacha game.

Is Tower of Fantasy a Gacha Game?

Despite its different characters and new setting, Tower of Fantasy is a gacha game like Genshin Impact. What's different is that Tower of Fantasy makes it a little easier to do the gacha rolls — called "Special Orders."

The game uses banners, each containing different types of weapons and characters. Each banner requires a different currency to use, these are:

  • Prosperity of Ida banner - Black Nucleus
  • Weapons Galore banner - Gold Nucleus
  • Limited Event banners - Red Nucleus

Each nucleus varies in rarity, with Red being the most sought after.

Dark Crystals and Tanium, the game's other currencies, can be used to buy Gold and Red Nucleus.