Is Tower of Fantasy on PlayStation?

Image Courtesy of Perfect World and Level Infinite

Tower of Fantasy launched globally yesterday, Aug. 10. The game is an open world MMORPG set in the planet of Aida, where humans have colonized in the future, after the Earth's resources have been depleted. Similar to other MMOs, gamers spend time exploring their surroundings, playing with friends, and getting to know the creatively imagined cast of characters.

In celebration of the launch, Tower of Fantasy has teamed with select streamers on Twitch to offer rewards to players.

Is Tower of Fantasy on PlayStation?

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC for both Windows and iOS, and can be downloaded via the official website. To see the recommended PC requirements, have a look at the FAQs here. The game is also available on mobile by way of the App Store for Apple users, or on Google Play for Android users.

Tower of Fantasy is also expected to come to Steam and the Epic Games Store soon. Estimates on the official website place those releases at their earliest in Q4 2022.

As of this article, there are no official Tower of Fantasy materials that indicate an upcoming PlayStation release. That will likely depend on the success of the game on its initial platforms.