Is Tower of Fantasy on Xbox?

Image Courtesy of Level Infinite and Perfect World

Want to play Tower of Fantasy on Xbox?

Tower of Fantasy debuted yesterday on a global scale. Similar to other MMORPGs like Genshin Impact, the whole world of the game is open for players to explore. That world is Aida, a human colony in the future where mankind has sought refuge after the Earth's demise.

To take a closer look at what the graphics and gameplay look like, watch the YouTube trailer below.

Is Tower of Fantasy on Xbox?

Right now, Tower of Fantasy is available for PC on both Windows and iOS systems, as well as on mobile via Apple's App Store and for Android via the Google Play store. To read more about the recommended system requirements for those platforms, have a look at the FAQs on the website.

Tower of Fantasy is also expected to come to Steam and the Epic Games Store later this year.

After examining multiple official channels of communication, including Tower of Fantasy's website, Twitter account, and Discord server, there was no indication of an upcoming Xbox release. At least yet. That possibility will likely hinge on the game's popularity on its current platforms.